The Cave

It is the vision of the CAVE to impact and empower the male believer with transformative truths that enable men to experience a richer fuller relationship with Christ. Our approach is a practical, pragmatic assessment of difficulties and the removing of obstacles that have historically deterred them from being successful in Kingdom development. It is our vision to enhance and guide men into Biblically sound relationships in their families, churches and community by making continual deposits into their spiritual, emotional, and economic development as they seek their rightful place in the Kingdom of God!


Purpose: The CAVE Men’s Empowering Ministry develops men into becoming passionate disciples for Christ. Our desire is to move from just a Men’s gathering to a transformation station where Men are being restored and positioned into God’s intended purpose.  This move will require a mindset and process change that begins the first day they attend the CAVE Men’s empowering ministry.

Leading Men

“Passing along the Wisdom of Ages”

Scriptural Foundation: Ecclesiastes 7:11 Wisdom with a gift passed down from father to son is good and a help to those who see the sun.

Purpose and Mission Statement: Our Mission is to promote and support the Senior Citizens of First Assembly Cornerstone by enriching their lives through elder care and companionship. We also recognize and respect the knowledge that they have gained over the ages as they have walked through the journey of life hand in hand with God. And we encourage them to pass along their wisdom by placing them in advisory positions throughout the Ministry.