Scriptural Foundation: Ecclesiastes 4:10 – “When one falls, the other is there to pull them up”

Purpose and Mission Statement: Our Mission is to create a place of security that allows the Women of First Assembly Cornerstone and the Community to connect spiritually and emotionally. Help A Sista Out is designed to provide a place of fellowship and friendship that allows God’s Wisdom to be imparted and manifested in their lives. This Outreach Ministry allows women to be themselves and allow God to transform them into what He has desired for them to be.

Sister Summit


The Sister Summit out of Help a Sista’ Out is catered more to the women outside of Cornerstone and is annually. Although the summit is a form of conference, it’s atmosphere and expectation level in the spirit is so much greater. A conference is a group getting together to confer a topic and a summit is a conference going to the highest level. In the spirit it’s like you leave a conference with knowledge with a refreshed spirit, but leaving a summit you not only gain knowledge and a refreshing but you leave knowing God has shifted you into your next level in the Word, in healing, in deliverance and you are closer and closer to that freedom. The conference made you appointment with God and the summit is your divine encounter with God. Both are vital and are nurturing to the spirit-woman.


Scriptural Foundation: Ecclesiastes 4:9 – “I am fearfully and Wonderfully made”

Purpose and Mission Statement: Our Mission is to promote a biblical foundation that will embrace, empower, educate, encourage and support every Woman as they fulfill God’s purpose and destiny for the Kingdom of God.

“Daughter Arise”

Scriptural Foundation: Mark 5:41 And He took the damsel by the hand, and said unto her, Talitha Cumi, which is, being interpreted, I say unto thee, arise.

Girl Power

“Empowered to Restore”

Scriptural Foundation: Galatians 6 – If anyone is overtaken in any tress pass, those who are spiritual should restore such a one.

Purpose and Mission Statement: Girl Power is a Community Outreach Ministry, we aim to IMPACT, EMPOWER, and to IMPART on the lives of all young women. No matter where we are from and what we have been through, we are all one in Christ. Dark clouds may rise and strong winds may blow, but we can be helpers one to another by encouraging, comforting and building each other up with the Word of God. Girl’s with power are sisters who stick together, we will demonstrate patience, we will practice endurance and we will become strong enough to fight the good fight of faith and finish the race victorious!!