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Sidewalk Soup Kitchen


The goal of First Assembly Cornerstone Food Pantry is to reduce hunger in Fort Myers & Dunbar Communities through the help and support of Harry Chapin Food Bank, making the best possible use of all available resources. We collect donations of food from businesses and individuals and distribute them to at-risk-families in our area.

If you would like to help us create a better world through kindness, you can get involved by either making donations or by becoming a member of the team who receives, sorts and delivers the food to families that need it most

Our mission is to provide food and support to anyone in need.

When are we available

  • Every 1st & 3rd Saturday of every month, Starting at 6 AM
  • We are closed yearly in July during Sabbatical .

Who do we serve

We are intent on reaching those most in need, through direct access and not requiring referral

Anyone in need of our services is welcome to request our support during these hours.