The Cave

Historically, the vision of the “Cave Men’s Gathering” is a snapshot of the Cave of Adullam, the place where David spent the majority of his time hiding from King Saul (1 Samuel 22:1).

The Bible says that 400 men who were distressed, in debt and discontented gathered unto David and he became their leader. When these men finally exited the Cave of Adullam, they were referred to as “David’s Mighty Men of Valor” and together fought to stabilize Israel.

Today, the Cave Men’s Gathering is a transformational place where men are empowered to become vessels of honor who take their rightful place as kings, priests, prophets, protectors and providers in their homes and environment. The Cave of Adullam was once a hiding place for the dysfunctional and unstable, but became a cocoon of transformation. Ordinary men become extraordinary Mighty Men of Valor. Where distressed, spiritually indebted and discontented men gather and move from brokenness to wholeness. In this place, men find their purpose and become an established living light in their homes and community.

Join us every Third Monday of the month at 7pm!


Leading Men

“Passing along the Wisdom of Ages”

Scriptural Foundation: Ecclesiastes 7:11 Wisdom with a gift passed down from father to son is good and a help to those who see the sun.

Purpose and Mission Statement: Our Mission is to promote and support the Senior Citizens of First Assembly Cornerstone by enriching their lives through elder care and companionship. We also recognize and respect the knowledge that they have gained over the ages as they have walked through the journey of life hand in hand with God. And we encourage them to pass along their wisdom by placing them in advisory positions throughout the Ministry.